May 6, 2015

About us

We are Passionate about Crafts

With a focus on Elegance, Quality, offering a new experience in crafts to create craft products of practicality, quality and luxury.
Founders, share a passion for crafts and a flair for design. We have been working in crafts, design and IT industry for a combined more then 30 years.
We believe that nothing is as unique, personal or well-received as something that’s been lovingly handmade, so that’s why we share a love for crafts that thrills and inspires us every day.

Who are ElfyShop?

ElfyShop started as a team together, before all of us worked more then 10 years separately, in own industry. We decided to put together our skills and estabilish this online shop dedicated to craft products. We sell our personal creations, created by us.

Don’t be shy! Get involved…

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Our mission:

Craft designs and create exceptional quality products, with a focus on combining endurance with practicality, elegance and luxury.

Head Office Contact Information

44 Dean Swift Road
Dublin 11


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