November 18, 2016

Product information

How can I find out if a product is available online?

You can see a product’s online availability in several places:
Product list page
Product description page
Your cart

What if an item I ordered is on backorder?

Actually we do not have backorder app. If an item you’ve ordered is on backorder, we’ll send you an e-mail to let you know the estimated arrival time. You can choose to wait for the item or cancel it by sending us an e-mail, and we will return your payment.
Backorders remain active for 28 days on most products. If after 28 days the item is still on backorder, we will automatically cancel the item. After cancellation, we will return your payment.

What products are available to buy?

We currently sell a range of jewelry, pottery and reed diffusers. We endeavor to expand our range to include additional products in the future.

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