Ginger Fragrance Oil – 10 ml


Warming, anchoring scent reminiscent of fresh root ginger.

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This wonderful ginger fragrance is great by itself for a spicy herbal scent, or mix it with other scents to come up with a delightful creative mix.

Did You Know? Native to the lands of India and China, ginger has benefits in not only culinary uses, but also medicinal. Its importance can be dated all the way back to the times of Confucius. Ginger was so common place during the Ninth Century that it was often set on the table next to the salt and pepper. Some of the medical advantages include lowering cholesterol, thinning blood, and reducing arthritic joint pain. Ginger has also been used in the treatment of morning sickness, seasickness, headaches, and stomach cramping. It has also been said that consuming an ounce of pickled ginger will temporarily raise your IQ by as much as 10 points. Now that is some root!

Recommended Fragrance Usage

Ginger Fragrance Oil: The percentages listed below reflect our maximum suggested fragrance usage in the corresponding finished products.

Vegetable Waxes & Paraffin Wax Maximum Use 10%
Potpourri & Incense Maximum Use 50%
Bath Oils, Soaps, Bath Gels Maximum Use 5%
Lotions & Perfumes Maximum Use 5%
Cleaning Products Maximum Use 5%

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