Striped, Multi Scented, Handmade, Artisanal Glass Candle


This candle creates atmosphere with a pleasant scent of calming spa and warm candlelight. These candles will be such a fun gift – they not only look great, but they’ll smell great, and different, as they burn through each of the three stripes. Such a great aromatic surprise. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving. Kind of.

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The scents are:
Green: Jasmine
White: Vanilla
Orange: Candy Floss

When the candle has burnt itself out the glass can be used as a candle holder, or after cleaning, used for drinks.

The size of the candle is :
Length: 25 cm
Width: 17 cm
Height: 10 cm
Volume: 23 cl

Burning time: 30 hr

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