Jasmine aroma reed diffuser set


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Enjoy stylish simplicity and beautiful craftsmanship with our diffuser with narrow shaped neck (minimising evaporation when used with reeds) enhanced by a stylish wooden cork.
Just add reeds and reed diffuser oil to create a diffusion, releasing the fragrance into your home, transforming your mood and enhance your spirits adding a touch of luxury to your home.
A set of beautifully designed reed diffuser. The perfect gift for any special occasion. We deliver in gift packaging, without plant and flowers.

Plant and flower in photo are only for decoration purposes.


The content of set:

  • glass diffuser bottle with diffuser oil
  • wooden cork
  • a bunch of 10 reed stickers
  • ribbon collar
  • gift packaging

A must have in every home to spread the gorgeous aroma through these reed sticks. There’s no flame. No heat. You can even leave home and it keeps working.
Refill the essential oil after every 30-45 days whenever the bottle gets empty.

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How to use instructions for reed diffusers

  1. Remove the cork very gentle, because is very fragile, can be broke easily.
  2. Place the sticks that came with your reed diffuser into the bottle to absorb the diffuser essential oils.
  3. Flip sticks so that the “dry” side of the sticks is now closest to the bottle and the saturated end is in the air.
  4. Place unsaturated (dry) end of the sticks into the bottle.
  5. Let your reed diffuser naturally permeate your space. Reed diffusers will continue to evaporate into the air, creating a subtle and luxurious scent.
  6. To refresh the fragrance of the reed diffuser, simply repeat steps 2-4.
  7. When the bottle gets empty, refill it again with diffuser oil, or wash it thoroughly, and can be used for oils at your dinner table.

Flip sticks for more scent
If you want to increase the scent, just flip the sticks. Please remember to always flip diffuser reed sticks over a paper towel and to wipe bottle so no oil drips onto your table/surface.

Less sticks mean less scent
In small spaces, like bathrooms, use less sticks. If we use all the sticks, it can be overwhelming in small spaces. One reed diffuser is ideal for small and middle spaces. In larger spaces please use 2 or 3 bottle of diffusers with the same or different scent.

Protect your tables & surfaces
Just like a glass of ice water can leave a ring on a wood table, reed diffusers work best when placed on a drink coaster (ceramic, glass, etc.) or glass table. Please use care when placing on wooden surfaces because the essential oils can leave marks.

Parents should keep diffusers out of reach from children
Diffusers are meant to stand up and to be left untouched. If kids are around diffusers, please keep the diffusers higher and out of reach. Spilled diffusers can damage table surfaces. Diffuser essential oils should not be ingested. Thank you for protecting your furniture and children from possibly harmful essential oils. Keep away from pets also.

Please Remember
– Diffuser essential oils are flammable, do not light and keep away from open flame. – Do not ingest essential oils – Diffusers contain essential oils and will stain wood surfaces. Always wipe clean the bottom of your bottle before setting on any surface.

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1 review for Jasmine aroma reed diffuser set

  1. Newnanny

    Really fast delivery and all I can say is wow. If you really like floral smells than this is for you. Within half an hour the whole room smelt of jasmine, I love it. Gonna get a few more of these. Excellent buy, thank you!

    • ElfyShop

      Thank you Newnanny, we do our best for our customers.

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