Natural, Organic and Handmade Lavender Bee Bar Soap


If you love scented soaps, you may find yourself searching for tips on buying handmade organic lavender soap. Lavender soaps smell wonderful and offer numerous aromatherapy benefits. This makes them a great choice for soaps to buy for yourself, soaps to give as gifts. We couldn’t think of a better way to improve upon it’s perfection, except for adding Shea Butter. So we did just that. This soap is made with organic ingredients, like shea butter, aloe vera leaf juice powder and beeswax. It contains shea butter for it’s moisturizing properties.
Part of our mission statement is to make a product that everyday people, like you and I can afford. Our motto is “From our Family To Yours”. Remember, we made this for our family and want to share it with all of you.

Because these soaps are handmade, each soap is different and may not look exactly like the soap in these pictures.

Elfy ~ Organic, Natural Hand Made Soaps Made with the freshest & Pure Raw ingredients with natural healing properties ~ Elfy Soaps Ireland.

Net weight: Min 60 gr.

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